Get peace of mind for your health

Naanu's nutrient rich cookies contain all the vitamins and minerals you need in a day. Sustainably made with organic and plant-based ingredients - these cookies are delicious.

How does the Subscription work?

1. Pick at least two flavours/packs.

2. Select 'Subscription' during Checkout and Save.

3. Pick how often you'd like to receive your box. (We recommend every 30 days).

4. Enjoy one healthy and nutritious naanu cookie a day.

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  • Celia (Luzern, CH)

    "I didn't feel that taking supplement pills was a natural solution for my body. For a year I've been eating naanu cookies and my medical tests show perfect results!"
    verified customer

  • Noah (Zürich, CH)

    "I love the cookies! They're the perfect alternative to supplements."
    verified customer

  • Organic Peanut Butter Cookie with plant-based vitamins and minerals, perfect for a vegan diet.

    Aline (Bern, CH)

    "I specifically love that I can have a little treat every day, and on top of that I'm doing something good for myself. Sustainability is important to me and these products perfectly fulfil my needs."

    verified customer

Curious, but not yet convinced?

Organic Peanut Butter Cookie with plant-based vitamins and minerals, perfect for a vegan diet.

Everything you need to stay healthy.

Get your subscription and enjoy your one cookie a day to get all the daily nutrients that your body is craving! In a single cookie you'll get 100% of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. There's also high amounts of Omega-3, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Fibre, Magnesium & more!

Good for you and the planet.

These naanu cookies were especially created with the planet in mind. That's why everything about your future cookies are sustainable. From the recyclable packaging to the up-cycled food waste (we're saving the byproduct from sesame oil production going to waste), these naanu cookies is as good as it gets!

Made with organic and wholesome ingredients.

All naanu cookies are made with the same base of highly nutritious ingredients. We only use plant-based ingredients, it's completely organic and contains no added sugar. Not only are they super healthy, but soon you'll also realise that they taste super delicious, and you'll be reaching for more than one cookie!

How are Naanu Cookies made?

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